Are you ready for Bend, Oregon's weekly Time Trial & Duathlon Series? We're back with the same great time trial and running courses on Skyliner Drive.

This series is brought to you by our great title sponsor, Sagebrush Cycles. Check out the course maps, dust off your TT bike, break out your running shoes, and get ready to have some fun. No TT bike? No problem, we have an Eddy category just for you.

This is a 6 race point series with points awarded to the top 10 finishers in each race. Points will be awarded as follows: 16, 13, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Your best 5 races will count towards the overall point total.

Race Details

Race Dates

All races will be held on Wednesday evenings. The race dates are listed below:

Race Categories

Time Trial Categories

  • Men Cat 1/2
  • Men Cat 3
  • Men Cat 4/5
  • Men Eddy*
  • Women Cat 1/2/3
  • Women Cat 4/5
  • Women Eddy*
  • Juniors

Duathlon Categories

  • Solo Men
  • Solo Women

The races will start at . No warming up on the time trial course after the race starts.

Juniors will race the same courses as the Seniors.

*Eddy Category Rules

Riders in this class will compete without: aero bars or extensions, disc wheels, fairings, aero helmets (any helmet specifically built as an aero helmet and any helmet that has been modified to approximate a helmet specifically built as a TT helmet is not allowed), skinsuits, or wheels with rims greater than 40mm in depth. Bicycles which may have aerodynamic shapes but are designated to be sold as road bicycles (and are not user modified time trial bicycles) ARE allowed.

This is an OBRA event so all OBRA Rules will apply. All participants are required to have an Annual or Single Day OBRA license.

We will be using OBRA numbers. Please remember to bring yours to the race. If you don't have a number, we will provide one. Number placement is on the right.

Start and Parking

The starting line is at the corner of Skyliner Dr. and Crosby Dr. in front of Miller Elementary School. If you drive to the race, you may park at Miller Elementary School or Pacific Crest Middle School (behind Miller). Please see the map for details.


Juniors who pre-register for any of the races can race for free courtesy of Dr. Todd Schock - Facial & Oral Surgery and Footzone. Juniors may race one race, or the entire series, but they must pre-register in order to race free. All Juniors are still required to have an annual or single day OBRA license.

Pre-register for the entire series.

The deadline for series pre-registration is on .


Pre-register for individual races using the links below.

Pre-Registration Race Fees

  • Juniors - Free
  • Time Trial Adults - $15
  • Duathlon - $25

The cutoff time for pre-registration is the night before each race.


Register the day of the race. On-site registration opens at and closes at - near the starting line. Save time by printing a Race Entry and bringing it to the race already filled in.

Same Day Race Fees

  • Juniors - $10
  • Time Trial Adults - $20
  • Duathlon - $30

Please bring your license with you to registration. Licenses will be available for purchase at registration if you do not have one.

Cash, checks and Visa/Mastercard will be accepted on-site. Please make checks payable to TFG Racing.


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Supporting Sponsors

Time Trial Course Map

The Time Trial will be held on an 8.5 mile out and back course on Skyliner Drive. The elevation gain is approximately 560 ft. We will be using the bike lane. Please do not ride in the car lanes.

Run Course Map

The Duathlon run is a 3.1 mile flattish loop that is mainly dirt and uses the Cascade Highlands and Marvin Garden's trails

Duathlon Run Map

Click for Interactive Map

Start-Finish-Transition Map

This is a map of the Start / Finish and run transition area. Start and parking is at Miller Elementary School.